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Sat, Sep 16



Truck & Tractor Pull

Truck & Tractor Pull
Truck & Tractor Pull

Time & Location

Sep 16, 2023, 6:00 PM

Logan, 100 N Homer Ave, Logan, OH 43138, USA

About the event

$25 Hook Fee

Payouts: 1st: $500 2nd: $250 3rd: $125 4th: $75 5th: $50

Drivers will receive gate/pitpass entry back at registration

Street Semi Rules  

This class is for STREET LEGAL and STREET LICENSED semi trucks. Trucks in this class are expected to be regularly driven on the highway. Any truck that dominates in the class may be handicapped. This is truly an OPEN class for all semi trucks, but it is definitely NOT a PURE STOCK class.  Any truck dominating can be handicapped.     LEGALITY OF ENTRY:        1.)  All entries must be a Street Licensed Semi Truck.       2.)  Truck must be capable of pulling a trailer on the highway.       3.)  Trucks can be trailer in as long as truck pulling the trailer will be pulling also.       4.)  These rules may be altered or changed at any time throughout the season for anything that becomes a safety issue.  REGISTRATION and ENTRY AT THE PULLS:         1.)  The owner must furnish a current registration card for the vehicle at the time of registration and the driver must have a valid CDL license.  SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS:         1.)  No riders are permitted in truck during pull attempt.        2.)  Driver may not leave the driver’s seat while vehicle is on the pulling track.        3.)  Driver will take all direction from the flagman on the track.  HITCHES:         1.) Trucks that compete regularly are required to have their own hitching device that is subject to approval by the head tech official at each event.         2.)  This hitch must work from the 5th wheel with the 5th wheel centered between the two rear axles.         3.)  The hitch must be adjustable so that the height from the ground to the point of hook is between 18” and 24” + or – 1”.         4.)  Hitch will be made avaiable for the first time of a puller, pulling. After that is required puller have their own hitch.  The hitch will be measured immediately before the semi hooks to the sled.         5.)  Fifth Wheel No further forward then the center of the front axle and no further back then center between the two axles.  AIR BAGS:         1.)  The use of air bags is permitted. However NO air may be added to or removed from the air bags while the truck is hooked to the weight transfer machine. The height of the hitch must remain the same from start to finish.        2.)  AIR BAGS MUST BE FULLY INFLATED DURING THE SETTING OF THE HITCH HEIGHT. Any attempt to get around this rule will be reason for disqualification.  WEIGHT OF TRUCK (22,000 LB. MAXIMUM):         1.)  The truck shall appear ‘road ready’.        2.)  No added weight or ballast is permitted.        3.)  Special trucks, such as oil field trucks that carry additional weight that is not normally found on a ‘road ready’ truck are not permitted in this class.        4.)  The promoter may weigh any truck at any time.        5.)  Trucks with triple (3) rear axles are permitted to participate in this class with possible disadvantage of 2 inch lower hitch height.  SPECIAL RULES:         1.)  Water injection in any form is not permitted.        2.)  Weight is 22,000 Lbs. Fuel tank must be full when weighed. No fuel may be added after the truck has been weighed.       3.)  No ether, alcohol, nitrous or other combustible (propellant) liquid or combustible material may be injected into the turbo-charger or any part of the air intake system.       4.)  Alteration/modification/replacement of the (OEM) original factory fuel pump is not permitted. No pump may be modified with Sigma parts. No Billet fuel pumps.       5.)  A Cummins engine must have a Cummins fuel pump – A Detroit must have a Detroit fuel pump – A Cat must have a cat fuel pump. No sigma pumps OR MW pumps are permitted. Normal pump diesel is the only fuel permitted in this class.       6.)  Turbos are limited to single O.E.M .Turbocharger with an O.E.M 3.6 inch maximum inducer bore on the atmosphere turbo with O.E.M factory exhaust wheels. The bore will be measured using a 3.65 inch slug. Map width enhancement of .180” maximum is permitted which must be in the O.E.M. location. No Billet wheels or any type of non-O.E.M Housing permitted nor are design modifications to allow a larger wheel to be used in the turbo housing. Exception: A factory 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2011 CAT twin turbo engine is permitted with the factory-installed non-altered turbos.          7.)  No hood stacks are allowed in this class.        8.)  Center line of rear axle to hook point on the semi hitch must be no greater than 7 feet.        9.)  Drivers must use a seat belt and/or shoulder harness when hooked to the sled.       10.)  Fifth Wheel Position- Kingpin/Fifth wheel plate position No further forward then the center of the front axle and no further back then center between the two axles         11.)  Must have a minimum of 66” from center of tandems to first structural obstruction such as the bunk, toolbox, cab, etc. This is the minimum swing clearance needed to pull a trailer.          12.)  Tandem axle spacing must be between 60” and 52”

12500/14500 Checked Stock Tractor Rules 3000rpm Class

1. Must have working RPM sensor - 1 wire outside the frame

2. Must have scatter blanket

3. Must have rope that can support the weight of the tractor

4. Any other safety equipment is recommended

5. No cut tires 20.8 Limit

6. Cylinder block and for tractor manufacture (JD-IH)

7. 1 piece steel hitch 1” thick minimum 20” height

8. Air shut off for sled operator

9. Must have wide front end

10. 2-3/8 Bolts in exhaust

8500 Light Pro Tractors Rules

1. Engine block must remain in original location as located by manufacturer.

2. Stock transmission or manufacturer’s replacement and stock final drive housing or manufacturer’s replacement. OEM block and cylinder head required. All exhaust pipes must discharge vertically and be securely attached. Water injection is optional.

3. Tractors mut have wide front axle. Engine side shields are mandatory unless RPMs are stock. Tractors must have grill as intended by manufacturer. Fiberglass replacement is allowed as long as it matches OEM look. Draw-bar MAX heigh 20in.

4. MAX tire size 24.5” x 32” (NO DUAL WHEELS) 8” min. length from center of wheels to point of hook. Only one turbo allowed not to exceed 4” inlet (NO ADDITIONAL OPENINGS IN COMPRESSOR HOUSING BESIDES THE 4” INLET)

5. Any turbo outside of hood MUST BE SHIELDED

6. All tractors must have wheelie bars (MIN. 5” SQUARE PAD NOT TO EXCEED 10” FROM GROUND MIN 32” FROM CENTER OF REAR AXLE)

7. All tractors must have a working FIRE EXTINGUISHER

8. Helmets and fire suits are required, and must have seat belt

9. Clutches must be covered with a safety blanket from back face of bell-housing to rear or engine block and must have steel flywheel SFI 1.1 or SFI 1.2 approved.

Unlimited Open Farm Tractor 6500lbs Max Tire 24.5-32 *(20.8-38 accepted at 6500lbs)

Safety: Cage or roll bar, harness or seat belt, helmet, tie bars, wheelie bars steel, flywheel – clutch set up, safety blanket, kill switch-air (guillotine) and fuels hut off (fuel dump or three-way valve), Side shields .060 thick. 360-degree shield around stock harmonic balancer (if you are running belts for the alternator or water pump then a 1/8 plate directly below the balancer from side to side of frame must be present) 3/8 cross bolts in exhaust pipe minimum grade 5. Turbo’s out of hood must be covered with at least .060 sheet metal. Recommended but not mandatory 3/8 cable around block and head. Must be a transmission and rear end of a farm tractor. No component tractors 114” wheelbase-13ft from center of back axel to the furthest point forward not including the tow hook. Hitch must be at least 18” from center of back axel and be ridged in all directions. Any agricultural V8 diesel is acceptable (3208 cat or a Perkins) NO automotive V8 engines. 7000lbs max tire 18.4-38

8500 RWYB Diesel or Gas tractor/trucks

26” Hitch Max – All safety equipment


8000LBS Weight is with Driver

Ballast is permitted. HANGING FRONT WEIGHTS ARE ALLOWED. Ballast may be added in the bed of the truck. If used must be securely fastened to the bed only. Adding weight in other areas of the truck will result in a disqualification. The body and truck bed must be the OEM truck body including the full bed. Four-wheel hydraulic brakes are mandatory. Must have Factory OEM Bumpers front. OEM chassis is mandatory. Driveline One-ton or smaller. Engine stock appearing OEM. Exhaust must exit up-ward. Fuel no Nitrous oxide or propane. Fuel injection pump stock - appearing. OEM fuel tank. Engines turning 4500RPM and higher must be equipped with a harmonic balancer or damper. Hitch max 26 inches. NO HAND-THROTTLES. Tires must run DOT street tires, no cut, dual tires are permitted as long as it came from factory with them on it. Single tuner is permitted. Turbocharger is limited to a stock-appearing OEM/factory charger only. Must have valid driver’s licenses. MUST BE STREET LEGAL.

8000LB 2.5/2.6 Smooth Bore Diesel Trucks

Maximum weight 8000lb

OEM Chassis is mandatory. The vehicle must retain the full OEM chassis. Wheel tubs, back half conversions, and tube chassis are prohibited. Must retain factory OEM wheelbase for make and model of body, not to exceed 172 inches. 3. The body must be OEM truck body including the full bed floor. No flatbeds permitted. The body must retain the full sheet metal. After market hoods permitted. The hood must be closed and securely latched when hooked to sled.

4. Complete engine must have stock appearance except where otherwise noted in these rules. Maximum engine size will be 460ci. Engine must be in OEM location for the body used. Engine must have a 3/8 diameter cable surrounding the engine block. Cable is to be positioned between #1 and #2 cylinders and is to pass through manifolds. Cable will have 4-6 inches of slack. Two cable clamps at cable splice are required. 5. Cylinder head must be OEM or OEM replica for brand of engine. Outside of cylinder head must measure factory width and length. No billet heads of any material. Head must retain factory OEM valve angle. No deck plates permitted. No individual runner intakes. 6. Hook point to be no closer than 44” of centerline of rear axle. Maximum hitch heigh of 24: with a minimum of 3.75”x3” opening. Hitch must be stationary in all directions. Hitch must be frame mounted. Hitch must be centerline of rear axle or behind. Hitch must not exceed 25-degree angle from pivot point to hook point. No hitch supports or adjusters fastened to rear axle housing shall be above center point of rear axle. Pivot pin of drawbar can be no further forward than the centerline of rear axle. Reese hitches are allowed. 7. Turbo is limited to a 2.6 inducer bore. Bore must be smooth. No MAP width enhancement groove (MWE) allowed. Compressor wheel must protrude into 2.6” bore for 1/8”. Bore will be checked with 2.605” turbo plug. Plug must not be able to enter inducer bore and contact wheel. 8. All vehicles must be equipped with upward pointing exhausted located either directly behind cab or out of truck hood. Two 3/8-inch diameter bolts must be placed through the exhaust pipe in a cross pattern within one inch of each other and within 12 inches of turbo. 9. Front hanging weights are allowed, not to exceed 60 inches forward from the centerline of front axle. Ballast may be added in the bed of truck but must be securely fastened. Maximum weight 7800lbs. 10. All trucks must have at least six-inch wide u-joint shield around the rear u-join constructed of at least 5/16-inch steel or 3/8 aluminum that will safely contain the u-joint and the end of the driveshaft. All shields must be securely mounted to vehicle. Any front shaft u-joints that can be visibly seen from side of truck must be shielded to contain the u-joint and the end of the driveshaft. 11. A fire extinguisher system is permitted. 2.5# fire extinguisher must be securely mounted within reach of the driver. A complete OEM firewall is required.

12. The complete OEM floor pan is mandatory. Vehicle must maintain a complete firewall. Additional gauges and pillar pods are permitted. 13. Hand throttles permitted. Diesel fuel only. No propane or N02 or ay other oxygen enhancers allowed. 14. Maximum of one P pump up to P7100 allowed. 13MM plunger limit. Ag governors permitted. The use of multiple high pressure common rail fuel pumps is legal. 15. OEM rear and front ends required. Must have come factory in a one ton or smaller vehicle. 16. Axle shields are required. Shield to be .060” thickness steel or aluminum. A hole may be cut in one shield to allow operation of hub lock. 17. Safety switch (rain cap or guillotine) must shut off air to diesel engines. Switch will be securely mounted to back of vehicle. A 2 inch or bigger solid ring must be attached to end of switch. Ring must be zip tied to switch bracket. Switch must also be able to be activated in cab while driver is secured in vehicle. 18. Hydraulic steering permitted. 19. Suspension (Rear)- The upper mounting point for strut assembly must be in factory location. Adjustable caster/camber pillow ball mounts are permitted. The lower control arm may be strengthened provided the factory mounting points are maintained. Strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars, and limit straps are permitted. Traction bars and devices are permitted. Raising or lowering of vehicles heigh with suspension modifications is permitted but must be bolt on only. Welds permitted for attachments to the frame and axle only. Blocked suspension permitted. No airbags, Rear suspension may be solid. 20. Tires must be DOT approved with max size of 35x12.50. No studded tires or tire chains. No alterations to tires permitted. No bar or terra tires. 21. Dual wheels are prohibited. 22. OEM transmission and transfer case must be used. Must have come factory in a one ton or smaller vehicle. 23. Non-OEM transmissions prohibited. Aftermarket torque convertors, valve bodies and internal components are permitted. 24. SFI bell housing and/or SFI blow proof bell housing or SFI blanket type shield must be used. 25. Water injection is prohibited. 26. Air to Air intercooler only. No cooling device allowed for intercooler. No ice boxes.

6500lb Stock Gas Truck Rules

1. 6500lbs, any added weight is to be in bed only. 2. Engine in stock position 3. Headers permitted 2021 (Rule change) 4. Reese style hitch 24” high maximum, furthest point on truck with easy access. 5. Any DOT approved tire 6. Gasoline engine only with OEM heads 7. No ladder bars or traction bars 8. Spring stops allowed 1” clearance minimum. 9. Engine same as truck 10. Registration to be presented at sign up with matching license plates displayed. 11. Vacuum secondary carburetors only. Fuel injection allowed if factory equipped for make and model of truck. 12. Factory style fuel pumps only. 13. Exhaust must be street legal. 14. All water pumps, alternators, and power steering pumps must be belt driven by crankshaft unless otherwise OEM equipped for make and model 15. Must have working breaks 16. ALL JUDGES DECISIONS FINAL – NO ARGUMENTS WILL BE TOLERATED!

6200 Cheater Stock 4x4 Truck Rules

1. Weight class is 6200lbs. No weight brackets or hanging weights allowed on front of vehicles. Weights must be in cab or bed only and securely fastened or contained safely therein. No weights allowed under hood or in the wheel wells. No weights may be suspended under the body/chassis or behind panels/parts. 2. No dual wheels, studded tires, tire chains or any tire not specifically intended for street use are permitted. All tires must carry a DOT number on the side wall. DOT number must be easily read from the outside of the tire. No cut. Altered or sharpened tires. 3. Front bumpers must be unaltered factory stock. No weighted front devices are permitted – this includes but is not limited to: homemade bumpers, brush guards, and winches. Lower brackets (only) for snow plow frames are permitted so long as no modifications that would add weight are determined. An unaltered decorative brush guard may be permitted at the option of the head official. A truck is permitted to compete without a front bumper. 4. The hitch point will be from a “Reese type” hitch or drawbar with the point of attachment to the truck’s frame behind the pumpkin of the rear end. Hitch point may not be more than 24” from ground. No angled, lever, pivot, axis or other types of “trick” hitches are allowed and the hitch must be stationary in all directions. The hitch point from center of axle must be no shorter than 36” on regular cab trucks and 48” on extended and 4-door cab trucks. Shortening of the bed in order to shorten the hook point is not permitted. Traction bars are allowed. 5. Gasoline is the only fuel permitted. No aluminum engine blocks are permitted unless OEM. Absolutely no alcohol, nitrous oxide or other oxygen extenders. Turbo-Blue and CAM-2 are permitted. Headers are approved but all exhaust must run through a muffler system. No superchargers or turbochargers permitted. Swaps between manufacturers are not permitted. 6. No solid suspensions are permitted. Must have stock suspension one ton or below. Blocks are allowed between axle housing and truck frame. Lift kits are acceptable. 7. Truck must be stock in appearance. Floor in bed must be solid. The wheel base may not be changed. Wooden flatbeds are permitted. 8. Transmission and transfer case must be OEM and available in one ton (or smaller) pick-up trucks. U-joint shields, driveshaft loops and kill switch required. 9. Drivers urged to wear a seatbelt or shoulder harness and a motor sport type helmet when hooked to the sled. Race seats with 5-point harness allowed. Passengers are not permitted in the truck unless first-time puller – limit 3 times. 10. A maximum of 3 working automotive batteries allowed. 11. Protest rule: $500 for hidden weights. This must be done in one hour time limit. 12. Tractor and Truck pullers hitch opening size requirements: 3 ¾ inch front to back and 3-inch side to side. Note: No loose clevis are to be used. 13. Helmet/seat belt is required. Safety Rules: Must have loops on all drive shafts and U-Joint shields. 3 on rear and 2 on front. 2. A working kill switch. Kill switch must be accessible to sled in plain view of sight. Kill switch must shut off fuel pump. 3. Must have Neutral safety “white” light visible by sled operator. 4. Must have fire extinguisher within hand reach. 5. Blow proof bell housing or blanket and flywheel shields are insurance required. 6. Must wear a helmet. 7. NO HOT RODDING IN PIT AREAS. 8. Driver use of a race seat with five-point harness recommended.

6350# Modified 4x4 Rules

1. Fire suits are required minimum SFI 3.2. In flip top bodied vehicles without a firewall or working doors, the driver will be required to wear an SFI approved suit. Fireproof gloves, fireproof head sock and fireproof shoes must meet SFI spec. 3.3. All helmets must meet Snell 90 minimum or SFI Spec 31.1, 31.2, 41.1, 41.2. Helmets with socks built in are permitted. 3. All vehicles must have working kill switches. 4. No batteries are allowed in the cab of the vehicle unless they are in a marine battery box and secured to the vehicle frame. 5. All vehicles must have a starter interrupter switch that will allow starter engagement only in neutral or park position on a transmission gear selector. 6. Drivers must be seated and in control of the pulling vehicle any time the motor is started or running. 7. Maximum weight with the driver is 6350lbs. 8. No cubic inch limit 9. Any automotive type engine, must be naturally aspirated with only two valves per cylinder. 10. Rear of engine block can be no farther forward than the centerline of the front axle. 11. Maximum bore spacing allowed is 5.00 12. Engine must be behind the grill 13. Front weights may not extend more than 60 inches from the centerline of the front axle. No loose weights allowed in cab or under hood. 14. All vehicles must have complete firewall 15. Planetary axles are permitted 16. Tube frames are permitted 17. Axle shields are required Shield to be .060 thickness steel or aluminum. Shield not to be mounted to axle ends or hub bolts. A single hole may be cut in one to allow locking in of hubs 18. Maximum wheelbase is 133’’ on all Modified 4x4 trucks. Wheels must be centered in wheel wells. Body must be lengthened or shortened between cab and rear wheel wells, to maintain rear wheels centered in rear wheel well. Plus or minus 1 either way 19. Maximum tire size to be 112” circumference when inflated to 30psi with original bar, not to exceed 18in width before cutting. Safety:  Front tow hitch will be strong enough to push, pull or pick up the vehicle. A maximum of 1.25 thickness will be allowed and can’t stick out more than “. A round 3” hole is required in front tow hitch. 2. Clear plexi-glass or factory tint glass permitted. 3. No mud flaps or dirt deflectors will be permitted. 4. No fuel tanks, fuel lines, pressure gauges or pumps allowed in cabs. All hydraulic lines in cab must be shielded top and sides with a minimum of .060 aluminum. 6. Hitch 30-36% of wheel base. 7 Hitch Height is 26”

2023 Hocking County Fair Truck & Tractor Pull

Saturday September 16, 2022

Truck & Tractor Classes will Run As Follows:

6500 Stock Gas Trucks

6200 Cheater Stock Gas Trucks

6500 Light Limited Super Stock Tractors

8500 Work Stock Diesel Trucks

8000 2.5/2.6 Diesel Trucks

8500 Light Pro Tractors

8000 RWYB

12500 Tractors

Street Semi

Hot Semi

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